Paul Nero

Executive Producer and Head of Production
Paul is an industry veteran with nearly two decades’ experience in entertainment production. Upon arriving in Los Angeles by way of Ohio, he began working as a Production Manager and Art Department Coordinator on television commercials (Nike, Hasbro) and high-profile events (Golden Globes, Academy Awards, Kids Choice Awards), learning every aspect of the production process and preparing him for his future role as Producer. In 2013, he and his business partners founded Hammer Entertainment where his knowledge and experience have been invaluable assets to the company their clients.

Paul’s recent credits include Line Producer/Producer for TV and Internet commercials (Macy’s, Skyzone), music videos (Atlas Genius’ “If So”), and events including live-broadcast video game competitions for Blizzard Entertainment (Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and Heroes of the Storm) and ESL (Turtle Entertainment), and a franchise live-launch for Microsoft (Gears of War).

Producer credits include feature film The Power of Few (2013), and documentary feature We the People: The Market Basket Effect (2015).

Leone Marucci

Executive Director
Leone identified his life’s passion at a very early age. He made his first movie at the age of twelve and has been entrenched in visual storytelling ever since. He has produced for national ad campaigns, directed award winning films, and remains entrepreneurial in the tech sector. Be it narrative, commercial or design oriented, Leone excels at fostering an environment where unique and original ideas can come to life. He’s been recognized by the global press… and occasionally by his family.

Leone is currently represented by Stuart Manashil at Novo.


Dustin Wills

VP Finance
Hi, I’m Dustin. I know numbers. I am originally from Dayton, Ohio. I have my MBA with a Finance major and an intense Entrepreneurial drive and attitude. I have over 14 years of Executive Management, Global Sales and Marketing experience. In my past life, I was a Media print and packaging executive in Europe and the US, and the 4 years I spent in London broadened my creative and professional horizons. I know what I am and what I’m not. I’m not a director or writer, but I know business. I have met so many talented Directors and Writers that constantly complained to me that they wish they didn’t have to worry about the business side of the business. So we set forth on creating a company…an ecosystem, in which Creatives can just concentrate on executing their creative visions. We take care of the rest.